30 June 2010

Art Blitz

Ever month the 2d artists at Blitz meet up to talk about our craft. A topic of discussion is prepared beforehand and for the up coming one we were tasked to take a shape (the second image) and work with it to create an image. This finished piece will be presented to everyone and we will talk about it and the process and thoughts behind them.
This has been a challenge to find an image out of but I eventually got there. I decided on a cartoony stylization to go with the nature of the shape which is unrealistic. So the shape dictated the style for me and for some reason I had this idea of having fabric cutouts representing the finish. Its a fun lil experiment. A lot of times I try to put a new spin on my work and tackle it with a different approach to keep things fresh and make sure I dont fall too early into one method of working. The guys I work with are great with sharing techniques and I hope to mix up and add their techniques to my own Jeet Kune Do style! :D

Here is a work in progress piece I am working on for the Super Street Zine blog. I met ex-Gobelins student and Despicable Me animator Michael Crouzat during the Annecy animation festival and was invited to take part in the Street Fighter tribute blog he runs. Check it out, theres loads of great art involved!

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Keith said...

Awesome, am loving the style direction you're headed in Ben!