28 June 2010

Bulgaria Trip

Hey hey! Sorry for the lack of updates. Been taking quite a few holidays. First been away for a week in Annecy and then now Ive just got back from a week in Bulgaria. This weekend Im going to Bournemouth for the alumni reunion. And also Im trying to sort out a new place live so theres been plenty of distractions but I hope to sort it all out soon so I can get back to drawing and painting :D
Heres some drawings of Bulgaria. I felt out of practice in drawing in location. Im ashamed to say that I have been neglecting observational drawings for a while and it dented my confidence when I tried to get back into it but now I feel I have regained my confidence back. Its all mental! I dont believe you can get worse in art. You always have the same knowledge and know how but theres something mental that puts you in a bad patch and make you overthink and fear what you are doing. But with practice you can prove those doubts wrong!


Callum Strachan said...

WC pic is my favourite, I like the looseness of it. that was a cool days sketchin around the gardens, let's do it again tomorrow

Ben Ho said...

Already on the plane there!