14 June 2010


Back from Annecy! It was brilliant!!!!!! Was very inspiring and great to meet old friends and new ones. Got some drawing signatures off some big name artists, the one Im most pleased with collecting is Mamoru Hosoda (director of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Summer Wars). I was amazed by a lot of the art there and decided to go back to basics and work on my drawings. So here are some studies, well they werent completely studies... I used Bernini's sculptures as reference and some areas I tried to rely on myself to recreate. More to come.


Philip Barker said...

nice boney definition on these Ben.. seems like your confident to show off where the bones are exposed, poking at the skin. Perhaps you could push this exaggeration in other areas for a better read.

Nubian Greene said...

not bad,keep these up man!