27 September 2009

March of the Dragon (plus tutorial)

Finished version. I will put together a tutorial at some point. Ive saved the progress shots but will have to type up all the goings on... don't feel like that right now :P I thought back to Chinese New Year 2006 for this one. That year I actually got to be part of the dragon dance in Manchester. The thing was heavy would you have though!?!?!?!?!? Some more new ideas I tried out. Like using photo textures as a basis of building up the foundations in the drawing. Made a few brushes for this piece: a fence and a lantern brush, cause painting fences are tiring. However, Daniel-san, you need to paint a fence to improve!

EDIT: Hey folks! I put together a little tutorial of how I made this piece.
Click here for tutorial
I hope that answers a few questions. Lemme know if you have any other questions and I'll try answer them as best I can. Laterzzzzz.... got to draw something before the football takes me away!

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Keith said...

Very very nice Ben, keep it up!! :D Great composition!