23 September 2009

Pale Moon Behind Dark Clouds

Painted the drawing. Tried doing this in Painter with the palette knife for a lil change, had to go back to Photoshop later to clean it up and of course use a few filters as a finishing touch (smart sharpen and noise)! Might like to revisit this character in future. I like her character as this cool, cold, viscious killer completely devoted to her master's teachings and martial arts. However she had sworn a strange oaf that forced her to either marry or kill any man that ever sees her face, if she broke this oaf her master would take her own life. C'mon thats quite a character! :D


Ricky Earl said...

Is that your next cosplay design? Nah, good stuff man. Looks awesome

Ben Ho said...

Ha! Not a bad idea Rick-E

Philip Barker said...

Its a female Raiden ! Im enjoying the painterly feel.. inspiring !