5 September 2009


Must not underestimate and neglect the studies! Looking at the work of Jaime Jones, cried a bit (aghhhhhh) and then tried a study of his work. Looked at some Craig Mullins tutorials that gave me some ideas. Sometimes his initial stages look a bit crude but he has the confidence that it will work out well in the end, sometimes the ugly looking beginnings puts me off some speedpaints I try to do so I probably just have to see it through to the end before I see the results. :D


Adam Foster-Fahy said...

Lovely use of saturated colours for the highlights. I have never done this sort of Master Study, but I have seen some very inspirational artists doing a lot of them so I will hunt out the Craig Mullins tutorials that you mentioned and have a go too. How often would you do a master dtudy such as this?

Adam Foster-Fahy

Ben Ho said...

Hey Adam! I dont do them that often but I should really. Just like you said, I saw a lot of great artists doing it and really enthusing what you can learn from it. So Im trying to do more and more myself :P
The Mullins tutorials were some really old videos he had. The videos are really sped up and really short without any commentary but I got a bit out of watching some of his processes.