22 September 2009

"Lets Get Crazy!!!"

Taking a step back from the digital environments and going back to pencils for as a fun break. Also been doing some small freelance work that hopefully the client will like. Recently been watching the Bobby Chiu live stream and Whoaaaa!!!!! I really admire the guy! Very motivating and inspiring to help the up and coming artists and encourage people to keep up the intensity and passion for doing what we do. Im trying to do more work and get into more good habits and get more intensity into my work. Time to put in the hours and bleed for what I reeeeaaaallly want! Sooo Thanks You Bobby Chiu!!!!!! Im quite ill at the moment but thats not gonna stop me now :D:D:D
Anyway... got myself a new sketchbook yesterday. A new sketchbook - a new start! No more fooking around, do some intense work and work doubley hard till I get my goal! Dont let crud work get me too down now, I just got to get these crap work over and through with before I get to the next level! Anyway back to the drawings... been neglecting drawing and the subjects Im interested in to work on things that are more popular in the industry, so now Im taking time to do something for myself. Ive been reading a book by Jin Yong (Demi Gods and Semi Devils). Its a classic Wuxia story thats been translated from Chinese to English but then I found the translation isnt finished and had to stop!!!!! AGHHHHH!!!! But the first drawing is of the character Mu Wanqing who I thought was a great charcter :D The other drawings are from the Korean series Hong Gil Dong that Im currently watching and enjoying!!!! More to come sooon!

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