27 November 2009


Wasn't too happy with the last one so I repainted it. Hmmmmmm Still not too happy but I think its easier to just start again next time. Think I learned quite a bit off this. Gotta keep remembering to stop making things blurry, I somehow get my distances looking that way. Must get some more decisive strokes in there and what happened to my lighting?!?!?!?
In other news... I am going to be a concept artist for real now! Im excited and pumped up for it. I want to develop more and more!!!! No way do I want to stand still!!!!!! This is realizing part of a childhood ambition. I remember years ago when I first picked up a Wacom tablet and saw the artwork by professionals. I could not imagine myself painting digitally and felt really dwarved by the other artists around. I still do! I just got to keep trying to improve and one day I will get there!
Also I want to thank the following people for helping me out, advising me and being a great support just because they are great people:
Mark Tompkins, Tori Davis, Tim Holleyman, Ben Newman, Jon McCoy, Kan Muftic, Adam Clark, Andrew Ley.... and for inspiring me: Bobby Chiu!


Cal said...

nice one ben. this is looking much better scale and rendering wise.

Marc said...

Well done!! I'm stoked bro

Harry said...

You wanna check out ol' Whit Brachna, aka Mr Blonde. He did a tutorial on snowing mountain painting on CA, paid for ofcourse, but its not too much when you convert it to teh pund.
It tought me a wee little bit here and there

Ben Ho said...

Hey Haz! I haz that one :D