14 November 2009

Kung Fu Romance Site

This was what Ive been working on. Took a bit of time to get everybody's work together but I think its all done now! Of course the film isnt on there yet :P

Kung Fu Romance


"TORI CAT" said...

Awwwwsome Ben!!
You never stop!! I loving stopping by your blog as there is always something shiny and new to look at!!
Love the kung Fu website and thax again for the credit!! :)
How are things going for you? Had much luck with any work yet? Will we be seeing you in Dundee any time soon?
We will be moving middle of December to hopefully London if work picks up!
HOpe to see you some time soon. Big Tori Cat hugs.xxx

Ben Ho said...

Hey thanks! Hehe, dont think I'll be heading to Dundee but there is something else going on. I will let you know if something happens but for now Im keeping it hush hush :P
Cool! London is a booming place so I hope you get there! I might not be too far so I can prob visit :D Cya soon TopCat!