7 November 2009

Kung Fu Romance Online

Hey everyone! I'll get back to updating properly when I can. Just wanted to let people know that you can probably watch my grad film 'Kung Fu Romance' online temporarily as it is in an online festival right now. Follow the link below to view the film let me know what you think of it :D


Note: You will need to register with the site to view any of the films there.

Hmmmm... you know Ive been thinking of creating more artwork from the KFR world so you can expect more of that!


L ROSSI said...

Kung Fu Romance Rocks!

That shot where they fall hand-in-hand and displace all the leaves is.....MONEY! So good - Very proud!
Keep up the good work,

Ben Ho said...

Hey Sir! Very glad you liked it :D You taught me hehe. I saw the portraits you did, great stuff man! All the best with it man!

Nubian Greene said...

its allowed to be online?

Ben Ho said...

Kinda. This festival is online ironically! I hear its because of swine flu so they dont want people flying in from all around the world. But I think its only up temporarily til the festival closes.

Nubian Greene said...

what you film causes swine flu? gaaaaaaaaah!

Ben Ho said...

Hehe.... Stay tuned... Some more Kung Fu Romance stuff is coming!