11 November 2009

Urban Skies

Wow! An update?!?!?!? Yeah I know... long overdue... so here you go! This was born mainly from a technique I wanted to try. After looking at other artworks by other digital artists and trying to analyze how they did what they did gave me some ideas of what technique they might have used. I saw one painting of a building which looks like it was painted with it's windows masked out which was what I tried with this one. I made a custom brush as a stamp that masked out a building with windows cut out of it, and locking the transparency allowed me to mask it while working on the windows underneath that layer. Then you can duplicate the building mask and set it to multiply and offset it a little to create the shadows/ undersides! Yep, Im trying to learn more shortcuts :P


Philip Barker said...

U sure thats a study of Heywood there ben, lol. Jokin aside i would love to do some painting of the surrounding area, bringing out some of its gritty industrial undertones. This last one is silk tho, nice to hear u are refining your technique.

Ben Ho said...

Ha! I wish that was really what Heywood was like! I couldn't think of what to put on the sign so that was what I opted for.