17 November 2009

Post # 100 = A tutorial

Heres a quick tutorial on the technique I used to make the buildings in my painting lately. Ive been painting without any tricks or shortcuts for a long time but Ive started to try a few different things which is a big help. So try experimenting with the program and it will add to your arsenal of different ways to paint.
With step 6 my general philosophy about designing environments is to break up the regular shapes by overlapping shapes which also helps with depth and the illusion of 3d space. A scene like a city or street is tough in that way because buildings are quite a mechanical shape and sometimes very regular so to make it interesting I try to cut into the shapes and pull more shapes out of it (like you are sculpting into it). This way that regular shape looks more complex and less like a box shape and more like a building. Thats what I try to do anyway, hope you can take something out of that. :D

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