15 January 2010

Heaven Shaking Event

Hey! Sorry again for not updating regularly. Just a wip for now. Need to finish a lot of these off, I have a few unfinished pieces stacking up that I need to give more time to. But this is prob the more refined one so it'll do for an update for now. I would be working on it tonight but Im trying to improve some of my work-work so this will have to wait again. People asked me how I did the mountains and grass... well... they are a blend of photo texturing, custom brushes, cut outs of old paintings and brush work. This might be a good stage to show people my process. I sometimes mash up textures to try create suggestions of details then tighten it up later. So in a way... its thumbnailing or sketching... and then add the values, form and details when I decide on a composition. This piece is getting towards the refining stage.
You know... a few months ago when i just left university I could not paint directly into Photoshop. I relied on drawing on paper and colouring the linework when its scanned. But now I feel more comfortable working this way! Just need to keep practicing!

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