28 January 2010

Still Alive!

"I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS."
Hey guys! Sorry for disappearing for such a long time, just wanted to drop an update to say Im still alive :P Ive been teaching myself Sketch Up and dabbled in a bit of Illustrator. Its tough trying to pick up a new program especially when you feel comfortable with another one. Its quite a lot to learn but it just takes practice, just like I found with Photoshop really. Geez, I wish I still have a copy of my first Photoshop attempt to show you. Its quite nice to think back to those days where I was completely clueless about the program, it gives me hope that I can improve :D All it takes is just practice, though it is indeed hard sometimes it will definitely be rewarding! If you want something good, you gotta work for it. So for me it becomes a question of how badly do you want it? Soooooooooo... here are some models I made in Sketch Up. You might recognize the texture of that last one... If you do... give yourself a pat on the back! More updates on the way I promise!!!!!!!!! Ive been doing some arty things in my spare time but haven't spent much time on them cause of the day job of course... but some are almost ready to show so stay tuned :D
P.S. Jumping between programs with different shortcut keys is a biiiiiiiitch!!!!

Also check out Luis' work. Im proud of this guy cause he's working hard and learning art like a mentalist! All you need is the fire to just do it!


Philip Barker said...

please tell me they are the legs of some gundam/transformer style mech.

Ben Ho said...

They are indeed of transformer mechs!