30 January 2010

Late Nighters

Still trying to do some personal pieces after work. All that = a sleepy Ben most of the time :P But I keep getting the feeling I dont draw or paint enough hehe, but its damn fun yet sometimes frustrating so its all good! Bring it all on XD Also brought a PS3 recently too but Im trying to keep disciplined about how long I spend on it hehe. I remember quite a few people thinking that to be dedicated in art you have to have no social life. I would dismiss this idea, really I believe you have loads of time on your hands that might end up being wasted. You can always make time for things like art, its often the little bits of 'sacrifice' and time you take out to keep painting that I find pushes you beyond. And the more art/ work you get done the more time you have to relax and play. I did a lot of partying n all when I was studying but I also did the work too and worked into my spare time too so you really can balance the two. People studying medicine and engineering have to do their studies and long exams... why is art any different? Heck, I know people that sleep only 3 hours a night! We dont even need to read or write... we just need to paint!
Anyhoooo... heres something Ive been painting. Its still a wip. Progress has been a bit slow as I only had the night times to paint my own stuff. But its been good to work on one piece for a long duration as I had more time to look at it and analyze it and spot areas I could improve on and so this has been repainted a few times. But the results benefited so Im happy :D More to come... thats a promise!

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