31 January 2010

Kung Fu Romance: Wuxia - Sammo

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Name: Hong Sammo

Nickname: Cannonball

Age: 18

Rank: Blue

Favored Weapon: Butterfly swords, shield (on back)

Signature Move: Cannonball tackle, turtle-shell rotation

Likes: Theatrical dramas, helping friends.

Dislikes: Rain, scary people, sleeping.

Quote: The only thing I can control is my happiness

Sammo is Sing's best friend and partner in crime. The two of them have been mostly inseparable since their youth with Sing operating as the leader and bringing the two into constant trouble. Sammo is a light hearted gentle lad who loyally follows Sing into whatever mischief and bad ideas he has. He is nicknamed Cannonball for how he used to play and roll around the floor when he was younger. But Sing is the only one that calls him Big Brother and looks after him when they were both growing up. Sammo's friendly nature means he is very gullible and often tricked but he owes his close friends for being there to defend him and has grown with ambition to be more independent so that one day he could protect the ones closest to him instead.
Outside of class, if he could not be found following Sing around Sammo works at the butchers with Butcher Wing who he has grown fond of. Wing helped train Sammo in the use of short cleavers in self defense which he translates into the twin butterfly swords in class. He also carries a big shield on his back which is a vital element to his turtle form which utilizes a lot of grounded maneuvers with a strong back. Rolling about in all his early days helped Sammo become a fighter who is light on is feet and proficient with flips, couple this with his shielded hind turns him into a human cannonball!

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