10 January 2010

Still Fighting!

Hey guys! I dug out an old wip that I didnt finish and reworked it a bit more. But I think I am falling out of love with it. So its back in the attic with this lol. There are elements I like about it but I feel like going another direction from what I was originally doing so I may create something new from this piece. More to come... Im still settling in my new location and so I have a few things to sort out but I will be going all art n painting soon! Really enjoying my new job, I dunno if you can say it is work! Its doing what I would normally do in my own time in a way hahaha! Im also writing a bit in my own time lil ideas for a couple of personal projects. Very rough stuff atm, though some of you will already know parts of the kung fu one. Im thinking how to find a balance of doing work-work, personal projects, and general practice and studies. Need to draw moooaaaarrrrr! Get your act together Ben!

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