1 March 2010

9 Tailed Wrath

There you go... Maybe I could have shown more steps in the earlier stages. I dont really save the early stages and flatten them down a lot so I couldn't show them when compiling the wips. Its a habit but I dont really like saving off too many drafts, I hate looking back at them :P
I nearly missed the deadline for this because my housemate was downloading a huge load of things so my internet was crawling at a snail pace! Erm... Ive been meaning to write out a tutorial but Im tempted into doing more Chows.
I thought I might also blog a list of some of the inspirations I find at the times too. First up is ThienBao, I got quite a kick up the ass looking at his stuff today. Same goes to this guy Zhuzhu. And check out the film Memoirs of a Geisha... I was watching it as research for this Chow and thought the composition and framing in this film is bloody awesome! Also quite a few intense scenes in there. Annnnddddd as always the ChiuStream is a place full of motivating talks! I recommended these podcasts to whoever I can, they helped me push myself and get into a positive mentality.

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