6 March 2010

The Never Ending Quest!!!!!!

Another study. This one is after the brilliant John Singer Sargent. He definately knows his shit! This was actually quite hard to study, judging the colours of this was super hard and I had to use the picker to actually see what some of the shades are. As you can see my version on the left is muddy in comparison to the right. I also have lots of angles off but I dont think I should worry about that much as I dont want to just 'copy' the image and get everything lined up perfectly (I might as well use a grid)! Anyway... thats just my thought and I could be wrong. What I did get out of this was rendering form better especially in clothes (I seriously suck at that)! I enjoyed trying to 'pop' out the form on the face and it was great to see the little lightings involved. I am really getting into lighting... they make SUCH a massive difference! His left shoulder is in shadow and as we travel along the arm it comes back into light, it feels like there is depth there. There is a cast shadow underneath the brightly lit right arm, depth!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes the figure exist in an environment and is something I want to bring into my work more. Oh crap... there is so much I need to learn!!!!!!!!! Better hop to it! Bring it on!!!!!!! In other news... I submitted some work for the first time to Expose 8, fingers crossed I can get in :P
Also I just heard that Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera are getting married!!!!!!!! The proposal was live on Chiustream and I missed it!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats guys! Im so made up lol!
Some inspiration for tonight: Algenpfleger - Love to look through his sketchbook. He is a prime example of how sheer hard work can bring you success. Check out his progression from 2007 to the present day. It gives me hope because I can see that all you need to do is put in the mad hours like he did. You might feel like you have to force yourself to work in the beginning but when you get into a regular routine of it, its not a hassle anymore and it becomes second nature. Lets get INTENSE!!!!!!!!

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