7 March 2010

Nothing is Junk

Finished the Chow. A junkyard golem and his dog friend! This was a messy piece. The colours are quite muddy. Because the golem is a mix of lots of originally separate unique objects I thought the colours should show they were once separate but bah... it just got cluttered up! Next up.... Im thinking of giving the longer pieces a rest and do some shorter stuff. Been inspired by the Imaginism crew as usual so I want to get some watercolours done and experiment with other medias. Buuuut I dont think I brought my watercolour pad with me! Might have to purchase a new one.
Some inspirations: Feng Guo, Gez Fry, Marcel Vignali Love their drawings. I will put up a bigger list soon.
Final Fantasy XIII comes out in a few days!!!! I am waiting for my collector's edition complete with art book! Drooooooooooool!!!!!

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