5 March 2010

Junkbot and friends

First up is a new work in progress shot of my latest attempt at the Chow. Topic: Junkyard golem! Straight off I thought of doing a more cartoony treatment to the piece. We will see how that goes... I havent stuck to the styles I tell myself to use in my recent work. The previous Chow was meant to be in a brush styles linework thats painted lightly and uses lots of patterns to try emulate an oriental art style but I was tempted into a tighter render after looking at some classical paintings. Perhaps a similar thing is happening to this piece again! I was looking at some Ghibli films for the look and feel for this one but I went into my own style again :P GOT TO BE MORE DISCIPLINED!
The other two are Painter doodles. I started my digital art journey with Painter. Having worked in traditional paint throughout high school I couldnt get to grips with Photoshop... it painted very precisely and didnt have the fun randomness and happy accidents (initially) that traditional has. So Painter was my natural tool in the transition to the digital age. Eventually I went back to Photoshop and fell in love with it and Painter was left to collect virtual dust on my desktop. I decided to try it out again recently and remembered the fantastic feel of the program's brushes. I might try to repaint an old piece I did when I first started out 4 years ago so I can give a direct comparison to my old self for your viewing pleasure!
Oh... and tonights inspirations are: Janaschi, Jon Foster, Ghibli films and Richard Schmid (Ive introduced one of his books to a colleague and he loved the read and went to order his own copy but is keeping hold of mine until his arrive lol)
Also... a lil plug for my colleagues... check out the developer's diary for Dead to Rights: Retribution!

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