25 March 2010

Jumbling along

A lil update on a wip Im doing for the AIB Jumble. Just wanted to let everyone know Im still around. Been keeping busy. We had some students come in for an open day a few days ago. Heres a few advices I thought of: 1) keep practicing regularly and not to waste too much time worrying rather than doing (so try to be disciplined). 2) Be critical and analytical all the time. I can get some ideas by staring at artworks and trying to decipher the techniques or the way it creates illusions of form, perspective etc. 3) Kinda the same as number 1 but... do it regularly! Theres less benefits doing it from time to time. Regular practice stacks up the benefits because you can learn from your old pieces when theyre fresh. 4) Just have some common sense! Try not to act to weird so that people will remember you... you might annoy someone :P Id much rather hear someone speak truthfully and sincerely about themselves rather than feeling they have to try sell themselves all the time.
Been down to Bournemouth to see old my old classmates too. Twas good to revisit the place :)
Anyway... Onto the art piece. For the AIB blog where this time around we have to take a given shape and manipulate it's silhouette. Ive been influenced by Elvgren's pin ups here. I am trying to replicate the way he paints form. Theres a subtle hard, crisp and dark line that surrounds his forms with the light-midtones and highlights punching out from it.
Some influences: Miles - 16 year old kid who studied like crazy and is now shit hot! In the link you can see his progression which gives me more hope and belief :D Mr.Delicious - Similarly, worked like crazy and you can see the pay off! James Jean - This guy is living the dream and is damn awesome and versatile!


Betty said...

hey ben!

Loved the open day your collegues are cool people. I was wondering if any of them were on the interwebs , cos i know where to find your work :p

Ben Ho said...

Most of the 2d artists here are still working on their sites. However u can find Nick Mile's link on my sidebar.

Betty said...

awesome thanks