11 April 2010

Fellowship of Oz

ConcepArt.Org's Character of the Week (Chow) topic: Wizard of Oz.
Got some time to finish this off earlier than I normally do :P Usually at work everyone has to create the artwork in a tight deadline and so we have to work faster and utilize Photoshop trickeries to speed up the process. Its good to churn out the work but for my most of my personal pieces I like to take my time on it to balance the method I use at work. Having said that, I still think I should speed up my whole process and will try doing some quicker stuff and try not to fall into the trap of finishing everything. The beginnings of a piece is where most of the problem solving takes place and after that everything should be straight forward. So the plan is to produce more initial sketches in a bid to learn more from the problem solving stages. Rendering an image takes a lot of time and I dont think I am learning as much from it as I can off sketches atm. Stay tuned to see how it goes :P


Philip Barker said...

really liking the graphic elements like the sunburst light behind. I think the excessive rimmage may spoil the depth of the image tho. Concept is extremely well read and super whimsical ! Its a Bendragon classic :D

Ben Ho said...

lol cheers for the pointers. Gotta control those rimlights :P

Callum Strachan said...

wish you'd stop talkin publicly about rimming guys.
But have to agree with Phil. would the rim light on say the lions arm not highlight the fur? but then, you've gone for quite a smooth looking body.

Ems said...

Ho you beast! getting better and better - fast!