20 April 2010


One day I looked through some old work.... they made me wince! So here are some repaints. There might be more on the way but I am leaving them to rest for now. There is a space of about 4 months between the repaints and the originals. In the repaints I got rid of some indecision from the first ones. Often colours are muddy, too hastily rendered, too random and without thought in the attention to clothing creases, messiness and general "what the heck was I doing?"
My hope is that I can continue to make improvements. The art journey continues on and on! Actually lately Ive been doubting myself again and so I hope to work more into some weak areas I am finding. More to come soon!

Inspirations: The Art Center - Awesome awesome awesome AWESOME blog! Very useful talks and tips. I made a thing of reading something off there every day. Gold! Read this post especially. I completely agree with whats been said in that post and it was a good reminder for me to read that. It is something I havent done enough of late.


Callum Strachan said...

hey Ben, great improvement, especially on Sing, the anatomy and pose are much stronger now. Much less muddy paint like you said.

SirOiLaS said...

Hi Ben, I completely agree with Callum. Sing is looking much better. I'm still hoping that you make a storyline with all these characters, and I'm definitely curious about the villains look :)

Ben Ho said...

Thanks guys. There is a few episodic style storylines in my head. Maybe I'll illustrate some scenes one day. I have quite a list of characters that live in this world ranging from the local butcher, merchants, police chief and a wandering beggar who is secretly a master.
I remember you asking to see some bad guys so the next few concepts will be based on them. At the moment there are 7 main baddies and a rival school.