25 April 2010

Sketchbook Update

Some selection of sketchbook pages. Hahaha I omitted the really crap stuff out! But it is there somewhere in my real sketchbook. Its been a while since I drew in good ole pencils and getting back into it was scary when all that came out of my pencil was crud. It was a bit of a heartache to think that Ive taken a few step back after neglecting my pencils but now Im feeling Im on the track again to regain some form. There is a mixture of studies of other artists, scribbly thumbnails (you can see the first page is for the Oz character contest) theyre usually messy yeah :P Its just meant to be seen by me, you can also find some imagination drawings and observationals like the pen gesture drawings.
Dead to Rights: Retribution was released on Friday. We enjoyed reading the press, what the media wrote about it and seeing the game in store was great. Its quite an odd feeling really, I saw how the box art was painted on the computer right next to me, seen the artwork for it before playing it, and to see familiar names in the credits takes some getting used to :P Im actually genuinely enjoying the game too. Its scary fun and satisfying to brutally melee a guy, disarm them and shoot them in the face slow-mo style with their own gun and curse them before they hit the floor :P Here is some promotional material (This is the only copy I could find. Its been banned):

And... Good luck to all the animation students at Bournemouth who are pitching this week!

Some inspirations for tonight:
Jason Chan - Back in 2006 when my buddy Harry first introduced me to digital art I found this guy's work and it became one of my first and biggest inspiration for digital painting.
Creative Uncut - Good source for game art.
Richard Schmid - Author of Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting. Good book, afraid I havent finished it yet :P Borrowed it to a colleague who went out to get his own copy straight away! But his work just speaks for itself no?
Alvin Lee - Awesome comic book artist. You might recognize some of my studies in the post was off his work :P

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SirOiLaS said...

lolol!! that video is sick!! loved it! for a while i thought it was a real interview.

nice :)