7 April 2010


Was scanning in some thumbnails from my sketchbook to paint over so I thought I scan in a few pages to show here too. The sketchbook pages are mostly studies from the Vagabond manga. Accuracy was crud :P The digi was my first stab at the new Chow topic but I hated where it was going so I am now working on a new one. Sometimes failure is good, it keeps me on my toes and encourages me to keep pushing on. Theres been a lot of crap drawings along my journey that I now try to think of them more positively as a sign that a better one will come out of my frustration. Got to go back to some studies and also focus on quick speedy pieces. I think I labor and noodle too much into my work too often.
Inspiration: How to Train Your Dragon! Go see the film! Nooooooowwwwww!!!!


Philip Barker said...

nice to see some sketchbook ben. MORE!!!! Do you do some workout for some of your final pieces? i wouldnt mind seeing some of that :)

Ben Ho said...

Hey Philster! Yeah I usually thumbnail them out. Most times they r really messy and not very flashy to see but works as guide lines for me. I can post some up next time.