15 February 2010

2 B A Master!

Studying master painter Edmund Blair Leighton. This guy is too awesome, I felt really humbled by his work today so I felt compelled to try do something similar which lead to this study. I am very happy to have started it, at first I felt daunted because I respect his work a great deal. But I think I learned a lot from this already and am so pleased with what I picked up that Im considering another one soon!
If you are wondering about the crisp look of this, I used a smart sharpen filter followed by add noise. Its a combo I do a lot with my work, but try not to push it over-the-top! The whole thing was done with a basic round brush with variation between hardness and softness. First step starts with blocking out the drawing and landmarks where you can measure from and also add a general colour to it. Its a good exercise to try not to colour pick and judge it by yourself. Use the picker from time to time to check how accurate your judgment is.
I must translate what I learn from here into my own work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh... and its the new Chinese year! This event is always about harmony and I try to live by that all the time. Being positive and happy is a good mentality that can also help your art journey I found. I have read somewhere that as artists we must try to draw humanity. What that means is to experience moments and be sensitive to your surroundings and life. There were times when the smallest things made me drop my jaw in awe, so sometimes when I paint or draw I appreciate the opportunity to be there, experiencing life and enjoying it! I think this is a great mentality that can help you work:D
So go grab that brush!

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