8 February 2010

Champion of the Chariot *Finished*

Finished the chow! Its been a great challenge to get this one done. Mainly it was time management really but im glad to have pushed myself to sit through this even through times when I thought this was rubbish and was worried about the end product.
Today my colleagues taught me a tiny bit of anatomy and it got me very intrigued to study more. It was overwhelming again to think how much I have yet to learn and I felt small lol. But I know that I will become better at it if I put the time to practice that. Ive also been given a book on graphic design that Im gonna get into now that my Chow is done. My team manager thinks it will be beneficial for me to get into graphics not only for my personal development but for the work I do too. So I give that some time. I might be tempted to do more logo stuff then :P
Oh so much to learn!!!!!!!

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Ben Newman said...

That's really nice. Good work Ben!