23 February 2010

Insect Battle! Complete!

Right, lets wrap it up for now... I want to move onto some new stuff :D The new Chow is right up my street so Im going to have to give that a go! There are parts I can tighten up for sure... but that will take more time and I want to move on for now, maybe when I have fewer ideas of what to paint I will retouch it.
Ive tried to apply some ideas of composition I read into this piece. Trying to balance economy/ details to lead the eye, having major line's angles repeated... it was a fun juggling exercise! Ive also been reading my graphic design book and need to put more time back into the anatomy book too. My old animation teacher told us that our idol should be this guy. So stay hungry for knowledge!

1 comment:

SirOiLaS said...

Hey man, what can I say? I'm into this kind of stuff :) I really like the insect, I like the colours and the composition. Let us see more!