25 February 2010

9 Tails

Aha! A little update! Lately Ive been addicted to some traditional paintings and have been looking at pre-raphaelite work. Geez there is so much in art history! I read up on some of the compositional devices used there and tried to apply a bit of them in my work here. I am trying to capture a bit of mood in this one and used dark shadows above the image (creates a foreboding, dramatic feel) and also below and have the lit areas in the middle. This can probably hold your attention at the center where the light is contrasted. This hopefully can create depth with tonal stripping. Lighting can really sell the form and depth in a painting and when lighting so that objects cast shadows on each other, it can sell the believability of the image. So tonal stripping is something Ive used in landscapes and trying to put into my characters more. This is when a form goes from a dark value to light and back to dark (or vice versa). So here I am trying to suggest a 3d space by a casting shadow and light from something off the canvas.
I also tried a bit of a classical pose and tried to keep things subtle. Theres going to be a knife held in the shadows rather than throwing it out in the open quite obviously. I came up with a bit of a story to help direct me too. She is a 9 tailed kitsune fox demon, a spirit in disguise that causes mischief seducing humans and breaking them down. She then falls for an officer charged to slay her and could not turn his resolve to leave with her so she decides to kill him so he could belong to no one else.
I thought of a character of the same mythical creature for the Kung Fu Romance idea and was thinking of illustrating her for this brief but decided to free myself of having too much criteria to try and follow so I could get the best result for this. Speaking of which.... on Tuesday the amount of visitors to the Kung Fu Romance blog spiked to more than 100 that day. I found that odd and wondered why there was a sudden surge of visitors that day. But Im just left guessing :P


SirOiLaS said...

I really like the shape is taking. I think the stuff you've been studying keeps you progressing on each of the painitings you do. I have to admit that in this one what I enjoy more is the option you decided to take with the knife. It makes the discovery of the character something less imediate. I like the story too. Would really like to see more of it! :)

Ben Ho said...

Cheers Brother of Metal!!!! Yeah, something I noticed in the difference between lots of digital art and traditional art is that you have to find the character in the traditional ones, they are more subtle and so seem more sensitive than something that is an instant read that gives you everything. Though that has its place, I wanted to try something different. Experimenting makes learning ya!:D