12 February 2010

Anatomy Moar!

More anatomy! Enjoying the studies and learning new things. Ive been studying off reference and then tried to draw from imagination often refering to reference when I feel stuck. I feel this helped me to get some things stick to mind! Mostly learned about the back muscles, how the scapula moves about and where the muscles go as a result... I stll need to decide what ACTUALLY shows up though. The teres major muscle is apparently an important one that helps define the back and the big diagonal line is the false scapula. Ive placed some of the dents above the ass a bit too high though (the crackius maximus!). Legs need a lot more work! One step at a time though :P

I think the bg thing I got from today's exercise is a bit more understanding of how the muscles around the shoulders move (alond with the scapula) when you raise an arm. I also had a crack at showing the front view of the pecks when this happens. So far Im already learning a lot and seeing better results just by finding out how some of the muscles work and where the bony landmarks are. Now I feel I can place these distinct forms in place more accurately rather than guessing like I used to! More to come...

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