16 February 2010


An update on the study. 2 days on. I am really enjoying this! Was a daunting challenge but I was surprised with how much I think I am learning from this! I just have to try apply it next! Gotta do more! And gotta apply the studies! Again, no fancy tricks just trying to paint it as it would have been back in the old days... with a basic brush!
What really helped was an article I read recently on colour. It addresses how colour shifts in temperature. Something I was aware of but never really payed attention to it. But thats how I decide on what colour to pick for shaded and lit areas. I cant really explain it well but Im sure theres loads on it on the internet if you are interested.


Marc said...

very nice study!
I noticed that in your painting, the knight is looking in the direction of the ladie's eyes, in the original, he seems rather distracted by something else ;)

Ben Ho said...

Cheers, it was a happy accident that I decided to keep. Although its pretty much blasphemous to alter such a brilliant painting! I am humbled by this piece!