14 July 2010


For the Super Street Zine blog.
Ive taken some time to look through some of my old work currently in my portfolio. Its been about 7 months since I started working at Blitz and since then I havent always had as much time to do my own work to a 100% finish like I was able to do when I was fresh out of university. But this was kinda the first time I took a good look at whats in my folio since then and Im quite pleased to find that I can see looooaaaadssss of crud and areas I could improve on and I find it an encouraging sign rather than a negative thing. Ive recently hit one of those walls when I doubt myself and feel a bit frustrated with my art but looking at my old stuff gave me a bit of encouragement since I feel I can do better now. Sooooo lets hope there are more improvements along the way!


Ems said...

Yes! a lot of improvement, so put those doubts in the closet. I wish I could paint like this :)

Ben Ho said...

Hehe cheers Timmmmmermananananan! Well its a price to pay for a profession where you are obsessed and striving to improve. It keeps it exciting and there will always be a higher goal :D