23 July 2010

Walk! Dont Run

The above pieces are tracing exercises. Its an exercise Ive been reading about and decided to put to the test. The trick is not to 'copy' but to analyze and draw! I found this helpful to recognize and hopefully memorize forms on the body and to make a decision on what to keep in and what to keep out of a drawing. Having a photograph to trace from was usefull because I saw all the details in the form that might have been tempting to throw in but looking over other high quality drawings I saw that they didnt construct themselves that way so I started doing these to help me make a better judgment on what to describe and how to describe them. I have looked at my own shortcuts in drawing a form and rather than accepting it as something that just worked I questioned if it was accurate. My goal with these is to eventually be able to use the exercise to help me to draw (not trace) over the reference and then upon removing the guideline reference, hopefully have a drawing that does not look traced but stands alone as a good drawing. This I think is a stepping stone for me to the next level. More to come

Some drawings from my head (mixed in with a few referenced drawings) to put into practice ideas achieved from studies. Mixing studies and application will test how much I have taken in and my ability to transfer studies into concepts. More to come :D

And finally... A study of Charles Gibson's girl figures. I have studied his drawings before whilst at university and have since adopted his method of describing the bottom of the nose with that thick 'v' shape but I started questioning the accuracy I used it and so I went back to the original to inform myself further.
In other news... Work is going very well. I am pretty damn excited and enjoying my experience. Sometimes you can get tunnel visioned and forget the awesome situation you are in! I am enjoying working with other ambitious artists and talking to them is refreshing as we all share a common interest, belief and background. I also got to see today one of my environment concepts in game! It looked great even though there was no textures applied yet. It was a bit weird to see my painting in 3d and interactive. It is a tiny bit frustrating that I cant say anything else thats been very exciting to me. But maybe in a couple years time you will know about it and by then it would be old news to me lol.


Anders Furevik said...

see you've studied some of scott eatons stuff here! I'm doing his course at the moment ^^ Really good stuff, I absolutely recommend it!

Ben Ho said...

Whoa man! His courses must be pricey! Yeah Ive been looking at his worskshop and some notes from my mates who took his class. He comes to teach here about once a year. Im trying to get ready for when he next visits and be at a better level to absorb what he has to offer.

Anders Furevik said...

Yeah, a bit pricey. Cost about £300, and that's pretty much what Annecy costs, so I couldn't go this year :/ But I can go next year instead :)
Course is worth it!