19 July 2010

Lion Guard wip

Heres a wip im working on and might not get to work too much on this week (have to pack up and move house :P) so I'll post up a wip. This might be good for people to see as you can probably decipher some of my techniques and process in this. Sometimes I might crop out elements from a previous painting and use as a base to work on top of. Thats also how the head came about, it was a photo of a stone lion that I cropped and made a crude montage to paint over. This is one of many different approaches I have been using and is something that I find useful to save time when it comes to concept art for a deadline. Recently I had to paint 4 characters in 4 days at work and so I have been looking into ways to quicken my process. Towards the end of this wip I found the image to be quite desaturated and so I added some overlay colours and you can see the hallmarks of overlay layers involved. Hopefully by the end it will be less blatant ;)
In future Im not entirely sure what kind of updates you will see. I am tempted to just do concept artwork and explore some neat designs but I have also been neglecting my studies quite a bit so that needs to be addressed. Ive been reading some anatomy workshops but I might have to put more consistent practice into that.
And some inspiration (its been a while since I last posted these): Jeff Simpson - very nice styled art. Red Bear Dead - an artist's personal project thats gathered a lot of interest.

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