27 July 2010


Some drawings from today. Still trying to learn anatomy :P Thankfully I have some awesome colleagues who are well informed on this subject and have given me some pointers which has been very helpful. Trying to just copy from anatomy books helped me with rhythm but I needed something more to inform me of the forms I was looking at and it was a benefit to be told what each muscles do and how they operate. Slowly getting better! Lets keep it up!
Ive also been looking at some of my old drawings from 6 years ago when I was still in high school. Let me tell you.... they sucked ASS! Its comforting to look back on where you came from and where you want to be. 4 years ago I didnt even paint digitally and back then seeing any ole digital art blew my mind and I couldnt imagine how I could paint like that. But with practice you can achieve anything. That is why I am continuing my own practice outside of work. My goal is to make the same advancements in the next 4 years as the previous ones so why wait? What better time to do it than now?
Inspiration: Keith Thompson - Recently been thinking about design and this guy is very good in that department. Imaginative concepts accompanied by descriptions creates a sense of worldliness to his work. Kris Kuksi - Superb designs! Something for me to aspire towards!

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