10 July 2010

Parr-ty Time!

Just wanted to drop a few links here for you to check out. Ive been bugging my tutor (who recently just retired) Peter Parr to set up a blog or website and it looks like its finally worked! In response to some incessant demanding he sent me this link: (Click here to Parr-ty!)
The site is new and is in need of more uploads so we just need to keep pestering him about it. Hes got tons more great work that we cant see on the site yet so Im gonna link to another place where you can see his work: Here!
Also a lil plug for myself hehe :P You can now pre-order Expose 8 and preview it here. I had a look in there and was very impressed with the work that was on show. So much so that I was thinking to myself "How the heck did I get in this?!?!? Im not nearly as good as these guys!" Then when I got to my page I was even more shocked! In the category I was in (Abstract and Design) I received an Excellence award!!!! Really dont know how that happened! I only hope I can improve and eventually merit such an accolade more convincingly. Back on the road of self discovery!


"TORI CAT" said...

Massive Congratulations Ben!!
Every day you make me more and more proud!!!
Your going to go far my friend!!! :D
Ooo you might be impressed to know, that i have just started working for Sony!!! It's my first time working in Games, so its all new to me, especially as im not a gamer myself!!
Its good fun and certainly a new experience. I'll be going back to work with Tim in a few months time when work picks up again, but for now, what the heck... it's time i start broadening my knowledge of the video game world!!
Massive congrats again dude!!
Im super impressed... you deserve it!!! :)

Ben Ho said...

Wahey!!!! Good to hear you joining the games industry. Im sure you'll like it there. Im not much of a gamer either (I still keep up with the latest of whats going on but only play them occasionally now) so you should be fine too. So is Tim Hollyman going to Sony too? Which studio is it?
Hope it goes well for you both! Im sure you'll do great there!

kayvondarabi-fard said...

Hey Ben,

I'm really impressed. You're inspiring me a little too much actually into rethinking my life a little :) congratulations Ben. You're doing amazingly, thanks for talking at the alumni...it made it.

See you soonish!


Ben Ho said...

Hahaha cheers Rayvon-with-the-Kayvon! Im sure you will do good! You have the drive and enthusiasm so as long as you keep that and mix it in with hard work like I know u are used to then good things will come out of it for sure! Remember, I spent 5 months working solidly to improve my folio n get better and it paid off :)