29 July 2010

Go Go Logo

Another 2d artist activity at Blitz Games. This time we had this random shape we had to manipulate into a logo design. This was a tough challenge and until I finally got the idea I ended up using I was really struggling :P I decided to try use the geometric shapes this offered and initially extended the lines to try create an impression of three dimensional space and essentially create a cube I can chisel into (thinking of the N64 and Gamecube logos). I made up a random company name to go with the letters that came out of the logo and then started playing with how they are arranged together. Since this was an exercise I tried to come up with a more adventurous layout than the standard ones.
Its about this time that students are graduating from university and are released into the big wide world. Its usually this time that the post education period of looking for work and constant rejections occur. Ive been through my fair share and I just wanted to share a few thoughts.
Do not be content to stay at your current level! Dont wait and hope that someone will just give you your dream job, you must earn such luxury. The creative industry is mega competitive but those who are daring and willing to put the work in to achieve their dream are the ones who will succeed. I took comfort in these times in the knowledge that no matter what happens and how long it takes I will keep drawing and painting and because of that I will keep progressing and eventually get to where I want to be. Dont be discouraged by failure. I failed before and I am happy I did, it taught me an important lesson to never be complacent. From then on I focused on improving myself and the best way I knew how to was to practice a lot. I pretended to be working full time whilst I was unemployed and worked from 9-5 (and often overtime :P) on my own artwork. That was my tip-top secret... to consistently practice a lot. It was not an overnight thing, it took dedication. I worked this way for 5 months before I was good enough to be land that cool job and all the struggle and hardship has been 100% worth it. Often I chat with my colleagues on what a living this is but we never say how 'lucky' we are because we all know what we had to go through to get there. It is time and effort in abundance. Now its your turn to do the same :)


markey2d said...

good advice!

"TORI CAT" said...

Well said Benny Boy.... I would also lik to add to that.... That the struggling journey never 'Really' ends.
From my experiences so far, is that the creative industry tends to be a freelancing industry... not really out of choice, its just how it is. Since graduating over 3 years ago now i have had work in many different places, some of which a contact may only last a couple of weeks, to others which may last a few months. Its not that i haven't bee n good enough to stay, its just been that a company has got the work they need from me, and then pass the touch (or lets say "Blue Pencil) on to the next person in the team to progress the project on to the next stage. (Im talking here as a concept artist mainly for film). My work is always done in the pre production stage of a film, in which the company will not need my work later on in the film's production stages and further on etc..... BUT on a positive note, if you do a good job for a company and they like the way you work... next time they have a project needing your skills, they tend to get you back in the team.
I am slowly starting to see this happen. the more contacts you make, and good impressions you leave, the more likely you are to be remembered.
There are some places that have full time slots open, but at the moment, i haven't found one where i could stay... But in some respects its not too bad. Im getting to travel around lots, meet new people, work on lots of fanatsatic projects and learning all the time.
I think if you have a passion and thrive on the work you do, you will get there. Its all about hard work and determination.
Some times i may go for a month or so with out work, and i ring around looking to see whats out there, and it can be down heartening, but when you get that golden call to say we want you... its all worth been worth it.
So, in conclusion, you got to keep focused and never give up.... buif you really feel passionate about what you do and have faith... you will succeed!!

Any way, hope your ok mr ben and enjoying the gaming world. i finished on the Tim Burton gig a month or so ago and Im now currently working at Sony. Im doing character designer and vis dev which is great fun and am very inspired.
Hoping to go back to Tim's project when i get 'that call'. (Working with him is one of my life long ambitions).
Your work is looking great ben and with every post, i can see you improving and getting better and better every day!! Keep up the great stuff dude!! I think you are an inspiration to many and i know i can speak for both Laurent and myself that it was a pleasure and a might big support having you on our 'Team God'!!

All the best dude!!
Bye for now!!!

Ben Ho said...

Hey TC! Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts here too. Its good to hear from many people's perspective on this. Id like to try help inform people about the transition into the industry and your experience is always a good one to share. In fact your something of a role model for hard work and acheiving your dreams ;)
Hope all is good with you. Loving your latest work as usual! Keep rocking Top Cat!