4 December 2009

Kung Fu Romance: Wuxia

A new chapter begins!
Kung Fu Romance: Wuxia is a re-imagination of my grad film Kung Fu Romance. During the production of the grad film I kept day dreaming of back stories and expanding on the little story and world. For KFR Wuxia I am trying to shift the theme to something a tiny bit more mature and different so here the characters might appear older and I hope I can introduce all the new characters I have been thinking about. Wuxia is a genre of chivalric martial arts heroes often battling against big corrupt forces. The setting is quite fantastic with supernatural feats performed and various spirits creeping up a few times. I am still playing around with different stories that goes on in this world but I hope to illustrate some of the scenes to show you all!
A different challenge rises over the horizon, there's a fight to be won, a new chapter begins! With bold spirits and iron nerves we walk on! As we brave through our darkest storm with our blood and sweat we write our dreams and the future. So raise your head, raise your brush and fight on...

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