9 December 2009


Whaaaaaaaaaa! Ive been having one of those moods where I feel I have a looooooong way to go yet :P The reason has something to do with looking at James Jean's work, especially his sketchbook! Geeeeez I feel utterly dwarved by how much he draws! Its a good thing though, doubt keeps you striving to improve so you are not too comfortable :P Anyway... the first image is a wip. I hate it at the moment so Im just gonna do something else and give it a rest. Number two is somewhat a failed piece too :P But I thought it would be good to show, Im trying not to shy away from my bad drawings as I sometimes wish I documented my old failings so I could check back on them and see if I improved.
The last couples pages are the first 100 of the 400 hands Ive been challenged to draw by a fellow artist on ConceptArt.Org. Its great to have people to draw with like that, especially when they are crazy and intense too! Anyway... gonna be gone for over a week... cya then!

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Ben Ramasami said...

Loving the hands mate. Also the second painting, the brushwork is pretty damn hot!