21 December 2009

Watercolour: Fishy

This is a watercolour I did for someone on the ConceptArt.Org forums. I took part in a Secret Santa event there and this was something I did for someone in Texas! It was great to paint in traditional paints again. I love watercolours, the techniques involved is so involving because you can actually interact with it and move paints around with your fingers rather than watch it on a monitor. Though it did take longer than if it was to be done digitally hehe. I did do some touching up on photoshop to paint up some contrasts I couldn't pull off in watercolours alone.
Oh yeah... I am back from my 'holiday' in Bournemouth. Great to see everyone again and also the new people on the animation course. Keep working hard guys! Its what it takes! There has been loads of struggles and failings on my journey so far but if you respond to them and keep pushing you will find your reward!


"TORI CAT" said...

Love it Benny Boy!!
So nice to see you use 'Real' Paints!!!
And so tru about your "working hard" comment to the new AIB students!!
Its a bloody tough industry, and you cant let the knocks, kick you down!! You gotta try and see it as a "constructive crit'. Pick yourself up and work even harder. If you keep in that frame of mind, it will come good in the end!! Its just sometimes its a long old road!!
Any who, Merry Christmas Ben Ho Ho Ho!! ;)

Ben Ho said...

Thanks TC! Wise words coming from a trooper who picks herself up after all those operations! Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!