25 December 2009

Kung Fu Romance: Wuxia - Master Chiu

Name: Master Chiu Chi Ling
Age: 64
Rank: Shifu
Favored Weapon: Bo Staff
Signature Move: Chi punch, razor leaf, axe kick, hook kick, snake bites into tiger slash, recycling energy strike
Likes: Teaching, tradition, meditating, spiritualism, discipline, helping people, tai-chi
Dislikes: Ignorance, laziness, dirty floors, gambling
Quote: Exert yourself everyday, be broad minded and far sighted

Master Chiu is the leader of the Immovable Fist sect. He is very protective of his adopted daughter Mei who is also her prime student in martial arts. As well as running martial arts classes he is also a well known doctor in his village with his temple being a sanctuary for those who are sick/ injured and the training grounds for his students.
His fighting style has him specialize in the 5 animal forms of Hung Kuen and Tai Chi Chuan. With Tai Chi, Master Chiu is accomplished with the "hardness in the softness" techniques allowing him the ability to use his opponent's forces against them and evade attacks by following the flow of their movements as if you are fighting a piece of paper caught in the wind. Master Chiu can also store up a large amount of inner energy, adding to that his ability to save energy by recycling those of his enemy gives him a great supply of chi to spend. These energy can be used in chi related attacks like the Chi Projecting Finger to healing others by passing his inner energy into wounded areas. Another skill he adds to his arsenal is his Dian Xue, acupressure point attacks that can paralyze victims.
Despite his tough exterior, the shifu of the Immovable Fist sect is not fearless. His wife can be just as intimidating as the master himself and even he dares not to cross her. He is fond of helping people and is fond of teaching his students. Though some are more challenging to tame it is much more rewarding to see those excel beyond expectation.

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