6 December 2009

Kung Fu Romance: Wuxia - Mei

Name: Chiu Mei Ley
Nickname: Mountain Flower
Age: 19
Rank: Red
Favored Weapon: Sword
Signature Move: Blossom rainstorm, triple front kick, flying sleeves, jumping snap kick, hook kick, roundhouse kick
Likes: Playing the guzheng, shopping, her garden, sweet dumplings
Dislikes: Show offs, bullies, snakes
Quote: A hero must be of self help
Mei is the beautiful and powerful adopted daughter of the master of the Immovable Fist sect. Because of who her father is, she is raised disciplined and strict. She is the top student in her class, a specialist in kicking techniques and one of the few students of her sect to be able to use qing gong. She can also perform the Flying Sleeves skill which enables the user to project forward their sleeves over a large distance as an attack. The projected sheet of fabrics move with such speed and force that they are capable of slicing up a bamboo tree. This technique can also be applied to her dress. When Mei turns quickly she is able to slash with her dress like it was a sword making it both an offensive and defensive maneuver.
Her beauty often draws in a lot of unwanted attention but is slowly turned by Sing's sincerity and innocent charm. Eventually she catches the the worse attention around...

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