5 December 2009

Kung Fu Romance: Wuxia - Sing

New Version:

Old Version:
Name: Chow Sing Si
Nickname: Mop boy
Age: 18
Rank: Blue
Favored Weapon: Iron Mop
Signature Move: The Buddha palm, boomerang mop, mop grab, sleeper's morning call
Likes: Singapore vermicelli, sleeping, fighting
Dislikes: Training, studies, ginseng, being beaten
Quote: Jiayou! Aja aja fighting!
Sing is a lazy martial arts student of the Immovable Fist sect who often dozes off during class and when caught by his teacher often ends up spending his time sweeping up and doing other chores as punishment. Having more time play fighting with the mop during detention than using a bo staff in training he developed a unique specialism with a mop as a weapon! A special Battle Mop later is forged for his use.
His lazy carefree personality also leads to him learning the fighting stance the Sleeping Disciple from the Beggar sect, which involves the fighter fighting in an unconscious state. This unconventional style can throw off enemies and is deceptively dangerous if done well. Eventually he is taught a secret legendary move called the Buddha Palm by an ailing master he helps out. But such an expert move requires rigorous training to perfect, something our character here needs to practice more of, which is why the success rate of this skill is very low!
He is suddenly able to sharpen his focus and fighting abilities when the girl of his dreams Mei is watching, bringing a new level to what he can do in the attempt to impress her.

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