31 December 2009

Kung Fu Romance: Wuxia - Siu Lee

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year will be a great prosperous time for everyone.
I'm in the process of relocating so I might be a while till the next update?!?!? Or maybe not :P
New version:
Old version:
Name: Fhun Siu Lee
Nickname: Heaven-Shaking Youth
Age: 19
Rank: Red
Favored Weapon: Three-Section Staff
Signature Move: Siu-Lee's Heaven shaking fists, Siu-Lee's Earth cracking feet, flying bicycle kick, reverse roundhouse kick, chain punch
Likes: Improving, training, fighting, showing off, wheatgrass juice, reputation, referring to himself by name, his master
Dislike: Losing, medicine, guilinggao, letting his master down
Quote: A man of determination must exert himself and strive to be a great hero.

Siu-Lee is one of the top fighters in the Immovable Fist sect. He can be found training hard for long periods of time and is very dedicated to his discipline. He is a proud fighter with ambitions to be the strongest fighter he can possibly become. Of all the students under Master Chiu, Siu-Lee is renowned for the swiftness of his attacks which maintains great strength. The sheer speed of the movements of punches and kicks are said to be so quick that they frequently catch fire. To harness this into an extra offensive ability, Siu-Lee has bandaged his limbs to preserve his fiery state. Part of his trademark moves are the Chain Punch of the Yim house and his bicycle kicks.
Siu-Lee is also known to be quite a short tempered man, especially if he loses a fight. He cares much for his reputation as the leading male fighter from Master Chiu's pupils. Sometimes his pride leads to him refusing treatments from medicine to heal himself of any kind of injury. He has been training with Master Chiu as his shifu since he was a child and has known Mei since those days though they were not very close Siu-Lee has developed an interest in her. This eventually leads Sing to see Siu-Lee as a rival even though Siu-Lee does not see him as a worthy competitor.

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