1 September 2010

Above the Sky

Speedpaint?!? I dunno what to call speedpaints nowadays, this is kinda matte painting I guess. Used some old paintings to stitch together and couple that with some photographs for the sky and mountains plus paintovers and this is the result. Been feeling a tad bit burned out doing this one but kept pushing until its finished. Since Bobby Chiu always encourages people on his streams to block out that mental voice that tries to talk us out of painting, I tried to apply it here. Maybe I'll move onto a different style or subject to freshen myself up.
News.... My tutor Peter Parr from university did an interview for AVA who publish educational art books. Its a pretty good read and gives a lil glimpse into the professional and curious mentality my professor had that helped inspire the way I approach art mentally (and in life). Interview link!

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