16 September 2010

Gothic Update 2

Thought Id track the process of this more. A bit more work from tonight though Im carrying a slight injury in my drawing hand. No its not RSI from too much drawing Im afraid, its a silly one that somehow came from football. Anyway back to business... Went to render the girl's face some more, I always feel a bit more confident having parts of the face rendered, its usually the focal point and the fun part to paint. I dropped her flowing hair into a dead drop so to take the movement away and leave her feeling even more lifeless and also the hair helps suggest the depth of the downward perspective. Introduced some colours into the lines to take away the cartoony outline look. Recently I have been enjoying adding warm temperatures just at the edges of the figures to give it a hot backlight feel, it is something I have observed first from some of the Toy Story 3 artwork and then I looked for it in life and here is an attempt at applying it. I decided to give her dark hair and the guy white which switches over their colour palette around the head and adds contrast. Its a bit ying and yang dont you think?

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