8 September 2010


One of my many personal projects. Maybe I will actually do some concepts for my own stuff! This is an idea I came up with last December and have been at the back of my mind for a long time. Usually walks to and from work when I am not trying to draw with my eyes are spent thinking about this idea I have. So here is an early stage concept for the project.
According to this blog's stats a portion of the visitors were directed from the AVA interview with Peter Parr. After searching the page for where it might have linked to me I found that my blog here was used as one of the example of his student! Wow! I feel pretty honored! Its a bit funny though that I was also linking to that site too :P


Danny said...

Hey Ben, nice to see you updating so much.. I really like the way the dog looks on this, its a dog right? But hm something was lost in the rendering on the girl, i prefer the unrendered version, without lines.

Ben Ho said...

Cheers, the dog dude is a bit of a place holder though. I havent fully decided who the other character is :P Yeah I had a feeling that would be preferred which is why I put the different versions up. Cheers for the feedback. More of that style to come then!