15 September 2010

Gothic Sketch

A wip for the AIB Jumble blog. Still needs painting. Started off with some stickmen thumbnails before deciding on a composition. I wanted to try break away from the usual straight-on flat shot because I am a bit limited to it at the moment and the more dynamic angles I tackle the more I can sharpen up on my anatomy skills as Im used to seeing things from eye level but not low or high angles. Had loads of trouble with the girl's face and I had to get my friend Martin to help work it out for me :P Finished one to follow.
Janaschi has posted a psd for one of her amazing painting here. Its worth downloading to see the wips and how the painting is built.

EDIT: Might be going to bed soon so just gonna drop where Ive got to before I shoot off. Taking a more deliberate and planned approach to this painting, taking inspiration form that psd file Janaschi put up. Initial direction was to have a red background but then I decided green would be better to get that sickly death atmosphere. But having a bit of the red show through was a happy accident, I happen to choose the complimentary colour to paint over the background which gave a nice temperature variation. I know this is a proper technique in traditional painting so perhaps I will use it more. Originally both characters were going to be dressed in black, I wanted the girl's pale skin to be the lightest value there is bu contrasting it with black but then Id imagine it was overkill because the background might be pushing towards darks too. So instead she is going to be all white and he is going to be in black. Stay tuned for more progress.

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