7 September 2010


Well I talked about how Ive been doing more drawings and anatomy studies. Here are a few pages Ive recently done. Not very pretty which is why I dont post them much and often they are studies from photographic and artwork reference so I dont want to take credit for their work, these are often studies meant to be seen only by me but I wanted to show these so you can get an idea of how I train my drawings. A wise artist I kinda knew once made a comment about how drawings isn't about making pretty pictures and more about learning and ideas. This was from someone who's work I have a lot of respect for and I have just fairly recently understood what he meant by that comment. I tried not to concern myself with making something visually appealing when I do my studies, after all it is studying and learning comes first and foremost above everything else there. I have been making messy drawings that look shit but they helped me observe and think about the thing I was studying. When I go into illustrating things that is when I should be paying attention to making things pretty.

This art thing is a funny passion. It can feel overwhelming how much you still have to learn and puts you in that soul-searching state a few times :P And sometimes get to a state where you are used to being overwhelmed by how far you still have to go that its not daunting anymore in a strange way. And as you blindly march on chipping away at that mountain with a toothpick eventually you will reach a turning point!
And I might have another announcement in a few months ;) (EDIT: This was revealing that I got into Ballistic Publishing's Exotique 6 digital art anthology)

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